The Trip – Take I

 Day one

Took off in SA at 19:10 last night. Great seat 🙂

Flight was super empty, so I had the seat next to me to stretch across (sort of), would have been much more comfortable if I could moved the arm rest down, oh well, can’t have it all.


Landed in Dakar at around 3:00 Dakar time. (5:00 SA time)

Now this was fun. Felt like a scene from "Blood Diamond". Security guards (sorry, should I say Security Personnel) came on board and searched the plane. They went as far as lifting the cushions off the seats. Not sure what they were expecting to find, maybe some spare change.


Took off round 1.5 hours later. By now I realised that the concept of time is actually useless when flying east or west. My body was telling me that the sun was due to rise, but it was 22:00 in Atlanta where we were aiming to land. (My alarm on my phone even went off just after take off, reminding me to wake up at 6:00 SA time, crazy)


It was during this second half that I’ve placed new meaning to the concept "long haul". It means just that. Nothing fun about trying to fall asleep with an arm rest and a tiny pillow, and the night is suddenly about 8 hours longer than it should be.


Well, sun started coming up when we were about an hour out of the States. (Oh, yes, we flew over Bermuda, now that’s nerve wracking!!) I’ve never seen such a beautiful sunrise.


Amazing feeling to land over Atlanta. First sight of seeing real life cars driving on the right hand side of the road. Their houses here in Georgia are similar to home, just no walls and loads of trees. Beautiful.


Landed in the USA around 7:30 Atlanta time. What a feeling. Flipping cold out there. Luckily only felt the cold for a minute while getting from plane into the terminal. Customs and Passport control was a little freaky as our flight was the only one going through at the time. Like we were the only people on earth for a while. Got through with no issues, they made me took off my shoes, belt… Amazing. Americans are huge, saw a black lady security guard who would easily arm wrestle Jen’s dad 🙂


Atlanta airport is massive. I took a walk through concourse E. 36 gates, and it literally stretches like 3 times the length of Clearwater. Straight passage. Then I go through to my concourse, which is B. Followed the signs, only to get through to a tube traIn. Good grief. Took the tube past concourse D, C and got to B. Followed the tallest escalator I’ve ever seen up to concourse B, to see it’s just as massive as E. This airport is amazing.

Bought my first American goods. A Coke Zero, and the New York Times.


Happy Valentines Day.


Day One


Still day one I think, it’s 3 o’clock local time here in Redmond. Quite hungry, Delta don’t have comp food on local flights, and they weren’t accepting credit cards. Grant, I’m going to fine you when I’m back for the "nah, tou won’t need cash" advice.

Going to Taco Bell.


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