The Trip – Take II

Day 2 – Entry 1
6:55 local time. Still dark out there. Sitting with the light on, and it feels like midnight, crazy.
Opened my eyes around 6:00, so maybe my body has adjusted to local time, cause that’s when Adam would normally get us up.

Last night I had a great time going out to get Taco Bell. I remember seeing it somewhere along 20th street on the way to the hotel, so there I boldly go looking for food. What a mistake. New lesson, always confirm directions. Took me 30 mins of driving up and down the street to finally find it (it’s only about 3 blocks from hotel!!)
So, Taco Bell, it’s like mexican food mcDonalds.
(Felt quite strange, and I know I sound racist, but the people were working there were middle aged white people, making a career out of Taco Bell. There was even a big sign recruiting people, saying that Taco Bell was the ultimate career move, good salary, training… sounded promising, maybe I should hand in a CV!!)
Anyway, I had a Fiesta Biretto (a Mexican wrap with mince and cheese and tomato). Flippin’ nice, will have one again I’m sure.
I asked for a Coke, and got given a cup. This cup you take to the self service juice pouring area, only to find there is no Coke. Everything else, just no Coke. So I had Dr Peppers, yum yum!
Stopped into my first American music shop. Great fun! They have stock of everything… amazing!
Had fun getting back to the hotel afterwards. I had my first moment of driving the wrong way up the road. I turned left into a slipway where traffic was oncoming. (Saw the No-Entry sign too late…) So I just put on hazards, waited for the crazy Americans to dive past and than shoot through before causing any huge issues. Luckily that was right by the hotel, so my shaking hands got me home safely!
Hotel room. Amazing. Not just bed and bath, it also has a "lounge area" with microwave and couch and fireplace. King Size Bed, very comfortable!. 2 x 42" plasma screen TVs. One in the lounge area, one by the bed. (CRT is definitely dead)
Anyway, let me start the day. Touch base again later.
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