The Trip – Take III

Day 2 – Entry 2
22:45 local time. Cold and Rainy.
Took a day trip today to the Premier Outlets Brand Shops. The scenery was more amazing than the shops. Still bought a few goodies just to say I was there. (Looking forward to shooting hoops in the bath with Adam when I get back…)
Anyway, the shop is in North Bend, which is a town about 30 miles out of Redmond. Surrounded by mountains, snowcapped. Totally beautiful! The town itself is like nothing I’ve seen before, quaint old US town. All houses and most shops were made of wood; most houses had the USA flag by the front door. Even had a diner with a sign offering Cherry Pie. (I opted for Burger King over the Chery Pie… I’m such a Jo’burger)
Took a trip to the nearby Snoqualmie Falls. About 6 mile drive into the mountains. Down a windy road, surrounded by pine trees. The falls themselves are tall and narrow. Had just started raining, so didn’t stick around too long.
Spent the afternoon chilling, trying to figure out how the Sonic Cell works. Tricky piece of equipment. Also had my first Starbucks… yum, yum. Wondered around a Barnes & Noble, very Exclusive-Books-Like. Nice kiddy books, will need to head back to get Adam some before I head out of here.
Oh… just a point. I’m still not totally used to the right-hand-side-of-the-road thing. Whenever I look at the cars around me, I’m convinced that the cars are driverless… cause the right front seat is empty… very wierd.
Chatted to Jen tonight. I love Skype.
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