Day 3 – Health Restored

23:00 local time. Ah, today I had a Rosemary Chicken Sandwich at Pike Market. There’s hope for America. It was incredible!
Anyway, let’s not skip ahead. Woke up today to thick cloud, but the weather lady assured me that the clouds would break and the sun would shine through. So, I trusted her, and aimed to hit Seattle for the day.
(Note: Don’t eat Silver Cloud breakfast too late, else there is NO toast left, rookie mistake on my side)
So, after loading my trusty Garmin with co-ordinates of the Space Needle, Pike Market and the Aquarium; I headed out. After only 1 wrong turn I made it into downtown Seattle. What a vibe, to be surrounded by so many tall buildings, felt very "New-York-On-TV"-like. Kept looking around for Frasier as I drove through, sorry, didn’t spot him.
Step 1 was to go up the Space Needle. There was a dad and son in queue in front of me, made me wish I had Adam around to show him the view, he would have loved it! So, Space Needle is 600-odd feet = 200-odd metres. After a well practised speech by the elevator guy during the 41 second ride to the top, we were up. The deck is an unobstructed circle where you can see all angles of Seattle. Beautiful! Took plenty pictures of couples for them on their cameras, I’m quite sure someone could make a business charging couples a quarter for a picture… The curio shop had almost anything that could have a Space Needle on it, from the regular t-shirts and mugs, to space-Needle-Shaped pepper grinders and Sippy Cups. Mom, you would still have been in there looking 🙂
Step 2 was to leave the relative safety of the car and hit downtown Seattle hard. So I jumped on the monorail and headed deep into the skyscrapers. The station to get off the monorail leads into a shopping centre, I ran out in a hurry (no good reason to travel the world only to land up in yet another shopping centre) Walked the 3 blocks to Pike Market. What an experience. Felt very Melville-like, just more fish and Chinese people. Watched the "World Famous" fish throwers, quite cool. Found the SoundView cafe and the Really Famous Chicken sandwich, now that was really cool.
Hunger abated, and health restored, I wandered along the waterfront… just in time to catch the 14:45 ferry tour. Very touristy, very cold, but very interesting. Seattle has 250 overcast days a year… how do these people survive?
To defrost, I had a Latte from the first Starbucks shop. (oh, there are 120 Starbucks in a 5 mile radius of the harbour… the coffee beans don’t stand a chance)
After a day of touring, I figured that getting home to a cup of tea would be a grand idea. When pulling out of the parking though, my trusty Garmin beeped "Lost Satellite Signal". This is not what you want to see when you have NO idea how to work your way through a series of one ways onto a distant highway… Anyway, after about 50 wrong turns, intermittent satellite signal, and the Garmin trying to steer me the wrong way down a one way, I finally made it back to Silver Cloud.
Watched "Night at the Museum" on HBO tonight. What a horrible movie.
Planning to watch U2 3D at the Imax tomorrow!!!
Yawn, let’s go to bed.
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