Day 4 – Sunshine!

20:15 local time. Feet up, watching Cast Away.
So, today was a clear blue sky day in Seattle. Apparently doesn’t happen very often, so I took the gap to head out to Alki beach.
(No, not with costume and towel, but with jeans and jersey, still only about 10C here)
After only 1 wrong turn I made it out there about midday. Parallel parked the car (I was proud of that!!) The area reminds me a lot of Sea Point in CT, also has a walkway running along the waters edge. No beach to speak of, just pebbles…
Had fish and chips for lunch while gazing across Pugent sound with a view of Seattle. Great view, horrible fish.
Then I took off in search of the actual Alki beach, walked for about 45 minutes, surrounded by skaters, cyclists, prams, joggers. What a vibe. Pity it was so freezing cold. Kept looking out for Starbucks, and when I had given up hope of finding it on my own, I turned to my trusty Garmin. It said it was only 0.7 miles to a Starbucks. So off I went up the biggest hill I’ve walked for a long time. Well worth it though, cause I got great views of the Sound, and of the snowcapped peaks in the distance. Part of the walk took me through the suburbs of Alki, very American-movie like. (including post boxes with red flags, basketball hoops in driveways, and kids on skate boards) Decided that Alki would be the place to stay if I relocated.
Changed my mind when driving back though, the traffic was terrible, only one way out…
Watched my first movie in the States. Ordered a "medium" Coke which is honestly larger than any coke we would ever get back at home.
Holiday is on pause tomorrow. The training begins. Here goes nothing.
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