Day 5 – Inner Sanctum

Today was the first day of the MEC training. My first day in a real, official, authentic, USA Microsoft building. You know, felt just like the real, official, authentic SA Microsoft building. In fact, the SA version is way funkier. The USA version wins on size though… I’m in building 122, and yes the numbering system starts at 1. It’s not an MS campus, it’s more of an MS city centre.
Anyway, the training itself was a little dishevelled to the say the least. Hopefully they pick up their game tomorrow. Aching to see flashy Silverlight graphs. One consolation was the fact that MS "proudly brews Starbucks" coffee, definitely a step ahead of the Ricoffy at most client sites at home 🙂
Got to do the labs on my machine. Very happy to say that I have the biggest LCD screen in the room! (Thanks Grant)
Went out for dinner in Redmond City Centre, at Thai Ginger. Had the house special, mild curry. Next time willl ask for hot, I can still feel my tongue, I feel cheated.
Despite feeling a little tired, decided to take a trip to IMax in Seattle to see U2 3D (seeing as it ends tonight). Problem is, the rest of Seattle had the same idea, so the tickets were sold out. Talk about an anti-climax. Sulked the whole way home.
Still sulking. Hope I see flashy silverlight graphs tomorrow to cheer me up. Hope the labs actually work tomorrow. Hope the sun sticks around a bit longer, nice to see blue skies.
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