Day 6 – Will President’s Day never end?

22:00 local time.
Yesterday was President’s day, which has more to do with store sales than presidents. Which means every second ad threw in some president’s day spin. The most annoying one being a truck ad on tv that played the national anthem with a deep American accent saying "Welcome… the Pressiiddeennt of theeee Uuuunited States". And it’s just played again… *argh*…
Anway, second day of MEC training.
Note to self, never prepare training on a product that is still in development, it’s annoying. 
Note to self, never present a Level 400 course when the content is actually Level 100, it’s very annoying.
Note to self, never present training that’s titled "subject A" and then train on "subject B", it’s downright disturbing.
So, as you can tell, I’m a little dissappointed with day 2. Going to need to organise some working relationships tomorrow to make the trip worthwhile…
Note to self, take business cards with tomorrow.
Well, 2 things to be grateful for.
1. The sun came out. Which is only news because when I opened my curtains this morning it was super foggy and could barely see the street. Made for a fun drive.
2. I have my baggage. The guy sitting next to me on training had his baggage lost by the airline and had to go underwear shopping last night. I’m quite sure he’ll be clothes shopping tonight!!
Had pepperoni Pizza Schmizza for supper. Americans really don’t know how to make pizza. I wonder if Scooters can deliver here in less than 39 minutes?
Sleep tight
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