Day 7 – Frasier

Day 3 of training today. mmm… what to report… learnt about a tool called ETI. Neat Data Integrator / Profiler. Definitely the way forward if they could just work on a nicer UI.

Thankfully no mention of President’s day today…

Took a trip to Bellevue after training to shop for tops (for Grant) at Abercrombie (AnF). Filled up gas on the way there, now that’s an experience over here. You pay inside a small booth that looks like a shrunk-down version of a Shell Star Shop. You then head out to the pump and pump your own own gas… yes, I pumped petrol into a car. (and it didn’t explode!!) A whopping 2.1 gallons. I should have given myself a tip 🙂

Anyway, so I headed off into Bellevue as the sun was setting. Found the Bellevue mall with no wrong turns. Very plush mall, makes Sandton look a little tacky. AnF is like an Urban store on steroids. I could easily go bankrupt in there, very cool stuff. (e.g. shirts are $70 = +- R550)

Spotted a Yamaha piano store and headed in to see if I could still play after a week of no piano contact. Made it in just before closing time, which was 19:00. Amazing thing about the States actually, most places close hre at 21:00… horrible if you work in a shop, great if you’re a tourist like me. Anyway, I asked the owner if they stocked the Yamaha Silent Piano (cause I was curious to see one in real life) and he looked at me like I’d lost my mind, saying "We stock everything that Yamaha produce". He then took me downstairs to the piano floor, and yes, they really do stock every piano that Yamaha produce. The shop should be called "Gavin’s Heaven". I played a 9 foot grand, what a nice piano. Strong bottom end, bright top end, great feel; looovely.

Wandered the streets of Bellevue a little. Beautiful. Surrounded by tall buildings, restaurants, and the ubiquitous Starbucks. Very nice, very neat. How do we get our cities at home to be like that?

Oh, the blog is titled Frasier, cause the piano store dealer reminded me of Niles. He had the suit and tie, and long jacket, and "Niles" mannerisms. And we’re in Seattle. Guess you had to be there 🙂

Think I’ll get an early night tonight, quite tired.

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