Day 8 – Happy Birthday Mom

20:15 local time. Last day of course today. Finally found and distributed my business cards, were in my laptop bag all along 🙂
Took a walk around the Microsoft Visitor’s Centre. Very cool, photos and relics from the 70’s up until now. Coolest display was a sideways Surface-type wall which had a map of the MS campus on it, and you could move the map around by moving your hand over the wall. Very rad. (I’m quite sure there’s a smiliar demo of a Google-Earth version in a competitor building somewhere…!!)
Also wandered through the Microsoft Shop. Some cool stuff, some uncool stuff. Almost bought a shirt that just had one word on it… "Geek" (Yes, it’s sad that I find that cool)
Spent the afternoon with Murali, a consultant from a partner company in Toronto. He’s an Indian that’s lived in States and Canada. Interesting conversation. I dragged him around downtown Seattle buying cool sports gear.
Interesting moment: There were some punk kids hanging out by the Starbucks at the Monorail, and some of them were smoking. Up walks this cop and asks one girl if she’s 18, (as she clearly wasn’t) and the girl prompty spits out the cigarette and behaves. Amazing to see a law-abiding society in action.
Wandered into a Steinway and Sons dealer. Now, if the Yamaha shop from yesterday was Heaven, then this shop simply wasn’t. The shop assistant in a neat suit looked at me like I was the punk kid from outside. Pity, cause the pianos were beautiful… I decided not to try them out, way too afraid of the scary shop assistant.
(See pics for a very interesting Steinway in the shop… no idea how it landed up that colour…)
I’m so proud of myself… I made it out of downtown Seattle without my Garmin. You actually need to, cause the car doesn’t get satellite signal in amongst the buildings. Terrifying, but it forces you to actually look out for road signs (how they did it before satellites…)
Stopped past a CD shop on the way home. Man, I love America. To listen to a CD, you just just head up to a listening station, scan the barcode of the album, and it loads the mp3 demos on a touch screen PC. Way cool. Found a TobyMac album (from DC Talk days) Hot stuff.
Loaded up my newly bought TobyMac album onto my phone and hit the streets to get supper. I needed to cross the street at one point, and I hung out at the robot waiting for the hand to become a walk symbol… and it just wasn’t happening. Lesson learnt, if you don’t push the "Walk" button, the walk symbol just doesn’t shine. Thankfully someone walked up and hit the button for me, you learn a new thing every day.
Sadly settled for Taco Bell Baritto platter. It just didn’t survive the walk back to the hotel… Almost time for some real SA food. Yay!!
One more day in Seattle. No big plan yet, will definitely make it count though. Until then, I’ll just carry on watching the next season of Survivor (What, 2 people on Exile island ??)
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