Day 9 – Final Moments

22:02 local time.
Had a day off again in the North West. Nice and sunny. I think I was lucky enough to get the only full week of sun in Seattle while I was here. Magic.
Took a slow drive out to Lynnwood to Abercrombie to do some shopping. It’s about 20 miles north of here, and I once again proved that I’m a true male… I left the hotel with the fuel guage showing about 2 mm of "gas" left above the end of the road. So I merrily head off, gambling that I would make it there on my vapours of gas. Luckily I did make it, but the needle was well and truly flat at the bottom by the time I filled up again.
(this time, when filling up I felt much more experienced. Amazing system, just swipe your mastercard, and fill up. I think the song should have been "We built this city on Cre-dit Cards"…)
Anyway, the shopping centre I headed out to was even bigger and bolder than the centre in Bellevue. Kind of a mix between Waterfront, Clearwater and Sandton City. Very plush, very big. I really can not believe just how many clothing stores there were. That’s basically all that was in that place… clothes, clothes, clothes. I think there was one camera shop thrown in the middle to attract us males… Oh, and the obligatory 3 Starbucks outlets (yes, 3 Starbucks in one centre…)
Had a sub from Charley’s subs. Best fast food in America in my humble opinion. BBQ Chicken Cheese, yummy!
Loitered around the centre a bit looking for a pressie for mom, nothing exciting, so I headed back to the relative normality of Redmond.
Had the strongest cup of coffee I have ever had. If Starbucks ever offer you a free filter coffee, just say no. I think my blood-caffeine level is still at a life threatening ratio.
Spent the evening watching a thought provoking movie called "No Country for Old Men". Quite a sad look at the state of the world. Quite scary actually. An interesting point is that there was probably about 2 minutes of music in the entire movie. What a concept, every little noise made up the soundtrack. Made it 100 times scarier.
Finally found a cracker of a present for mom tonight. And what I think is the best book Adam has yet to read.  Can’t wait to read it to him on Sunday evening… Actually can’t wait to give him a big hug on Sunday. And can’t wait for the big "run and hug" than Jen and I have been planning for days now.
Well, that is my last entry from Seattle for this trip. Gonna get up at 3:30 tomorrow morning. 5 hours time. Good grief.
Sleep tight Seattle, and thanks for having me.
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