Nigeria – Day 2

Survived my first full day in Nigeria.

Feels quite surreal, I’m in my hotel room watching a repeat of Liverpool vs Blackburn, typing on my laptop… while outside Lagos is seriously a city in ruin. My initial impression of Lagos is a city of ruins interrupted by the occasional solid building.

Fortunately, I am working in on of the solid buildings 🙂

My first night’s sleep here was good, I woke up at 6:06. Yip, Adam has trained me well. Had a great breakfast of fresh fruit, very nice. Sat in a very lonely dining hall, I think I may do room service for the rest of my stay.

My trusty driver, Rosco, arrived with Ade to collect me around 9:00 and we headed into the streets of Lagos. Man, Am I glad that he was driving. I think all the drivers here are blind. For this reason, Rosco has to hoot almost continuously to warn people that he is approaching. Fascinating.

(Will try to catch some shots during the week of the conditions and driving here, totally impossible to describe, and yes, I now love our taxi drivers for their relative level of respect and patience.)

Work itself was successful. Managed to sort out Tavia’s initial setup issues, and impress them with a bit of a look and feel. I’m quite relieved, quite a bit of performance pressure on this trip. Hopefully the next 4 days will be just as good.

Had Super Peri chicken and rice for lunch. I cried. A lot. But I loved it! Will try it again tomorrow, just need to stock up on serviettes to dry my eyes…

Left the office around 7. Earlier than what I had been warned. So I consider that a small blessing. Although, it was definitely time to go, there’s only so long I can sit in that tiny office with 6 other people.

Evening good so far. Spent a few minutes on the exercise bike, felt good to sweat a bit. Had Pepper steak for supper. Almost the stringiest steak I’ve ever eaten. Nice chips.

Amazing how Coke tastes like Coke no matter where you are in the world.

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