Nigeria – SuperSport 3

Entering foreign countries is never easy.

If you remember, my triumphant entry into the states involved me being shoe-less and belt-less… well, my triumphant entry into Nigeria involved about 45 minutes waiting for passport control. And yes, their idea of a queue, is a crowd. a slightly disorganised crowd. At least I was fully clothed 🙂

Once I had stepped my way through the crowd and found my bag (yip, it also landed here safe and sound); I walked out into real-life Nigeria. Man, it is HOT here. I will definitely not need my jacket. Definitely.

Anyway, so I have landed in my hotel room safe and sound. (After a very interesting ride to the hotel, lanes are optional here!!) The hotel itself feels very "colonial in africa". The room is neat and tidy (with a safe that I’ve been able to break already, can’t unlock the blimmin’ thing) The surrounding neighbourhood looks terrible, even in the dark; I will not be going for a morning run (and not just for pure laziness reasons)

Have found my bottled water. Still waiting for my network cable, hopefully it’ll arrive soon so I can post this up before going to bed.

Oh, and for the title… the first channel on the tv here is SS3. I’m glad their priorities are in the right order 🙂

Getting picked up tomorrow at 8:30… should be a good day.

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