Nigeria – It’s that guy

Back in the hotel room after another long working day up North.
My main thought after the day is that, no matter where you are in the world, work is work.
 – Requirements change at the speed of thought,
 – colleagues occasionally burst into song,
 – random, unannounced cube changes totally break your reports,
 – there are TV series drifting around on external drives,
 – people browse Facebook,
 – you get asked to do the impossible at the last minute
 – And yes, even in Nigeria, people are using Firefox as a browser.
Amazing how small the world has become.
Not sure if I like this trend though, my working hours over the last 3 days has been 10 hours, 11 hours and now 12 hours. Bring on 13 and 14!!)
Well, I finally plucked up the courage and pointed my trusty Sony at the window while driving into work today, hence the new photos.
Also listened to some good local music on the way in. Her name is Asa, her band are great. (I’m a sucker for an electric piano solo). I might just come home with some Nigerian music. (
How much longer can CNN talk about Clinton and Obama. Please can America just vote and end the misery.
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