Nigeria – 6K

Well, here I am sitting in a Nigerian bed, uploading shots, organising my thoughts, and watching CNN rant about Clinton/Obama/Pope for the last time.
(In Nigeria that is, it’s definitely not the last time that CNN will rant…)
Anyway, had a very nice day today. It started off with a bit of a tropical storm, which started to down pour just before I left for work. This storm reduced the Nigerian streets to low level rivers. I’m so glad Rosco was driving us through the chaos.
The work I’m doing here is directly aimed at the CEO of the FCMB (a local bank). He was going to check it out today, and at very late notice we got a meeting with him, so we shot off to the head office and met the CEO himself. The meeting was all of 5 minutes long, but it seemed to go well. (so maybe it was worth me flying 4,500 kms)
Also met the Director of Tavia, the partner company I’m assisting. Very nice guy. Had a good chat about dashboards, visualisation and Victoria Island.
Luckily I did not get to hit another long day at the office. I was treated to supper at the Coconut Grove, which is a little bar down the road from the hotel.
Let me just say here that food is best eaten with company. Hotel room service dinners are just not the same as a good dinner with good company.
Anyway, I was introduced to the local beer, called Star. Very nice, little smoother than Heineken. Funny part is that the bottle is about twice the size of a normal beer, good grief. I felt like a real drunkard… I declined the offer to hit another club, and here I am, uploading shots and organising my thoughts.
I guess I’d better organise my suitcase quick. I check out before work tomorrow, so I’d better be a little prepared.
Oh, the title… 6K. That’s the bill for tonight… 6 drinks, 1 plate of food (yes, I was the only one that ate, I found that odd). Anyway, that modest meal and 6 drinks cost 6000 Nira = 50 USD = R400. Nigeria is definitely not cheap.
You know, if daily life was this interesting, I’d blog everyday.
You know, maybe it is.
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