TechEd – Day 0 – Selective Perception?

Well, here I am in another airport terminal.

This time I’m waiting to fly to Durban for Tech-Ed Africa 2008. I tell you, flying domestic is WAY easier than that
"glamorous" international thing. I got to keep my shoes and belt on, and I got through the domestic gate in about 2 minutes. Felt good.

Of course, that has now left me with an hour to kill before boarding my 1 hour flight to the sea.

So, I’m reading a booked entitled "How to have a beautiful mind", Edward de Bono. A bit of a psycho-mumbo-jumbo book. Thought it might be good to read seeing my current circumstances. (more about that in later blogs)

One comment really caught my mind, and I really wanted to bang it out on paper before I let it slip…

– People tend to disagree with others, or support their own cases, through the use of Selective Perception. i.e. only looking at a subset of facts to support their own case.

Now I found that thought fascinating ’cause I tend to see it at the office everyday! It’s really the basis of our entire day.

e.g. When we come up with an architecture, or sit down to hammer out a piece of code, we use our own "selective perception" to design/code things in the way that we would design/code it. (After all, if all we have is a hammer, aren’t all our problems nails … ?)

And we’re right of course. Aren’t we?

Well, I would like to propose that we are never fully right. We closer to correctness as we take more points of view into account, and that is really learnt through experience.

And the willingness to learn.

Talking about learning, I discovered 2 fantastic blogs last week while preparing my talks.

  1. Jamie Thompson, SSIS Junkie
  2. Mosha, MDX guru

And yes, I like their blogs ’cause I agree with them 🙂

Ah, boarding. Chat later.

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