TechEd Day 1

Well, here I am at the end of quite a good day.
I presented a couple of talks today, on SSIS deployment and SSAS design for high performance. Quite well received, and remarkably well attended. (Looking forward to seeing the evaluations feedback, I’m such a ompetitive guy!)
Also had a lot of fun recording a conversation for TechEd Online. Ryan and I spoke about methods to accelerate BI development, and the impact that could have on project lifecycle. Very strange talking to a camera, apparently it came out quite well, will post the link once the video is posted.
I also managed to attend 2 sessions, one on Data Mining in applications. Basic concepts weren’t new, what I did enjoy was seeing a potential market for Data Mining in the data validation space. Interesting idea:
Use past historical data to guage the percentage accurancy of new data being captured, such as customer details.
So, if someone tried to capture their name as John, as a Female with the age of 2911 years, these fields get thrown against a mining model, which will give you a percentage chance that the combination is valid. It can also identify those fields that are possibly causing the issue.
Check out for more details and example code.
Also checked out SQL 2008 for Developers. Again, not much new, saw a visual query analyser which is used to display geometric results visually. Very cool. Will blog the link when I manage to find it… None of my favourite search engines are finding it right now.
Tomorrow I’m on the BI Power Hour panel. I really hope I don’t fight with other members of the panel too much… Might use some Ed de Bono techniques to constructively disagree.
Watching "The Good Sheperd" in the background. A great example of how not to piece a movie together, I have no idea what’s going on. I think I might just go to bed 🙂
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