You know, it really is "lekker by die see".
Drove down to the Natal North coast today with my cute wife and son.
(Well he wasn’t that cute during a short temper tantrum!!)
Anyway, at the beach now after quite a few weeks build up to TechEd 2008, which was a roaring success.
Just been checking the speaker stats, and I’m sitting at #30. Which I’m quite happy with, seeing as it’s the first time I’ve tried this thing. It also means I have some things to learn… so watch this space for next year!
You know, machines are really putting people out of business. On the way down to Durban on the N3, there must have about 20-odd speed cameras. (of course placed at the bottom of a monster downhill just after the speed limit has changed to 80). So, the thinking is, if they were to do the same thing around Jo’burg, possibly that would free up humans to do things that humans are best at doing… like solving problems or something equally useful.
Well, will be out of work mode for the next week. Hopefully will be posting bunches of baby pictures on the seashore. Looking forward to burying Adam in the sand.
  1. #1 by Monica on August 20, 2008 - 8:10 am

    HiJust browsed some spaces and came upon yours. I enjoy your writing style and by the way you’ve got a cute son!I remember taking my now 3 yr old son to the beach for the first time Oct 2007.. He just could not get used to ALL that water, kept on telling and showing me all that "BAIE WATER!!" heheh. We tried to build him a sandcastle but alas he enjoyed to break it down faster than we could build.. :)Greetings Monica

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