What is it you do again?

So, what is Business Intelligence?
This question came about as a result of a comment received from the recent TechEd SA.
We hosted a session called the "BI Power Hour"; which is really a session where industry experts sit on a panel and take questions from the attendees around relevant BI topics. It was a well attended session, and it got some very good ratings.
However, there was one comment which stuck out, and i quote
"did not discuss bi"
Now, that amazes me because we spent an hour discussing everything from
 – our favourite 2008 BI feature to
 – Data Mining to
 – Best Practise Indexing to
 – Real Time BI Design.
Arguably, BI involves all of the above topics, and then some! It’s actually one of the main reasons I love this particular field… it really encompasses everything and everyone, from IT geek to business user.
(and yes, I’m still quite proud to be on the IT geek side of the fence)
So, Business Intelligence in my humble opinion is that magic combination of Technology and Business Processes to help Human Beings make better decisions.
So, yes, Business Intelligence has a lot to do with the technology, ensuring that we load the right data at the right time in the most efficient way. But it is also about the individuals who need to use the information at the end of the day to improve their business.
Let’s not lose focus of these people while debugging our SSIS scripts 🙂
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