SSAS Processing

Well, SSAS processing is occasionally a mystery. We’ve had a situation where cube processing has been exceptionally slow at a particular client, and has been for a little while.
So, in the course of the usual debugging mode, we’ve made sure that…
 – the cube is well designed,
 – the underlying SQL environment is well structured and indexed,
 – the server has enough RAM / HDD space etc…
But, it was still slower that I would like (being the avid SSAS fan that I am)
So, one of our consultants stumbled across a fix for it yesterday, thanks to the PSS team for SQL.
Basic symptoms included low CPU / HDD usage while processing, and the box seemingly hanging and not responding during processing.The root cause was a  SSAS server setting, whose default doesn’t work well on larger 64 bit machines.
We needed to increase the value of the processing thread pool max threads setting, we found that 480 was a suitable value in our scenario. We are now able to process a rather large cube environment in aroundd 3 hours, where it was simply hanging and not responding previously.
Full details at
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