Virtual PC 2007 + Windows 7 Beta Funny

Well, I’ve just recently upgraded my machine to a Beta build of Windows 7.
Lovely. Smooth. It all seems to be working 99.9%.
Here’s an example of the 0.1% and how I’ve sorted it out.
I do a whole lot of work in Virtual Machines using old faithful Virtual PC 2007 SP1. Well, this afternoon my TAB key just stopped responding in the Virtual machine. So, it would work fine on the host (Windows 7.0), but do nothing in the guest operating system. (Windows Server 2008)
Now, this is not normally a ‘life-and’death’ problem, however just try code without intellisense for about 5 minutes, and you’ll very quickly realise the subtle power of the TAB key.
Anyway, seems there a tiny glitch in the security module of Windows 7. I had to add a machine policy allowing software programs access to a particular dll, and lo and behold, my TAB key is back.
Hopefully to be sorted out in the final release. fingers crossed.
Details on the fix below…
If you are running into this issue on Vista and Windows 7 you can get the TAB key back by creating a software allow policy. Go to administrative tools, local security policy, Software Restriction Policies, Additional Rules. Create a new rule for %appdata%microsoftvritual pcvpckeyboard.dll and set it to Unrestricted. Restart Virtual PC.
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