Data Mining – Application Integration – Introduction

Data Mining is a wonderful technology. It is a great marriage of three areas of study:

Statistical theory + Probability Analysis + Technology

The end result is a powerful engine, that provides the capability to highlight patterns and relationships within our business data that we may never have seen previously.

Wonderful concept.

However, one of the massive shortfalls of Data Mining implementations is the lack of visibility / usability of these mining models within real world business scenarios.

This series of blog entries discusses a number of mechanisms that we can use to expose Data Mining within larger applications; thus ensuring a higher user acceptance of Data Mining and hopefully more profitable businesses at the end of the day 🙂

At a high level, the mechanisms I will cover include:

1. Windows Forms Applications

– Direct method to expose model viewers within applications


2. SQL Server Reporting Services reports

– Build reports directly from Data Mining models

– These reports can then be integrated into both client and web based applications


3. SQL Server Integration Services

– How nice would it be for the ETL / Integration process to be a self-cleaning / self-learning environment; where the cleanliness of incoming records is automatically determined…


4. Online ASP.Net Shopping Application

– The famous shopping basket example, where the application prompts next potential purchases based on underlying models.

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