The States – The trip part II

Arrived in NYC last night. Definitely right up there with the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had.

Firstly, Ryan and I were totally sleep deprived after spending 24 hours in a steal metal tube. But I wasn’t gonna let that simple fact get in the way of us and our first walk around times square. So at about 8PM local time, which is 4AM on our body clocks, we stepped out to catch the subway from our humble B&B in brooklyn south, to get into central Manhattan.

First hurdle… tickets. Man, there are just way too many options. Took about 10 mins just to decide which ticket to get. So, once we had made it through the turnstiles with our well acquired metro card, we shot up to the train station.


Riding a subway is a blast. In one train carriage we had people from almost every walk of life. From business people in suits to people with their bicycles. Come on SA, let’s get this thing working at home, it’s incredible!!

Crossing Brooklyn bridge was a bit underwhelming. Way to much reflection from the windows to really appreciate the view. Hopefully we’ll get a better view today. See the shot of the subway below, try look past the reflection of the girl and the bicycle, and you’ll see the lights of the city.


40 minutes or so of a tube ride later, and we get out at 42nd street, and hit Times Square.

I have one word for NYC proper… speechless.

There is no way I can describe the scale of the buildings, the people, the energy, the vibe. It seriously felt like we were on the set of a movie (and in fact, there were a few camera crews running around last night)

So we saw Times Square, which is such experience in it’s own right. Just to sit and watch the people and the lights. Some highlights… (even Windows 7 made an appearance)

  • Hard Rock Cafe NY (yes Dad, I found you something nice!!)
  • Levis NY
  • Starbucks, it tastes just as good in NY as it does in Seattle 🙂
  • Europa Cafe (incredible chicken sandwiches!!!)

IMG_9445 IMG_9448

 IMG_9460 IMG_9466

So, today we hit it again. Let’s grab some breakfast before hitting the streets!

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