The States – The trip part III

So, day 2 in NYC has come to an end. I’m parking in our B&B, putting my feet up after really walking Manhattan flat.
Well, kind of flat. So, let’s recap…

The day all started with a fascinating breakfast around a communal dining room table at our B&B. Met a professional clown, who arrived at breakfast with a banana skin for a nose, and calling himself Kevin Schmevin. Fortunately his prosthetic nose came off with a sneeze. Very entertaining.

We then headed out to Manhattan to see what we could see. The general idea being to get off at the first subway station, and simply walk our way up to central park. So, we saw some really cool landmarks like…

  • Brooklyn Bridge in the daylight. Much cooler view.
  • China Town. Yes, all the signs are in Chinese.
  • World Trade Centre. Absolutely massive area. A couple of city blocks. Really not much to see though as it has become a construction site. Seems like they’re going to build on tower, let’s see what happens.
  • Statue of Liberty. Nice statue, for time reasons we didn’t do the ferry though. Interesting area around battery park though, loads of war memorials. humbling.
  • Wall Street. Pity we hit it on a saturday, I didn’t see any high power investors running around.
  • Charles Schwab bank. Interesting because it’s one of the Wall street banks that got wiped out in the last year. And yes, the building is definitely deserted.
  • Greenwich Viallge. By far my favourite area of NYC. Very much like Melville + Cape Town + NY magic sauce. Had lunch at a Mexican restaurant. And took a stroll along a ‘park’, which was basically an old upper level train track that had been overhauled with plants. Ingenious idea. It was on this park that Ryan had some photos taken of his feet. He’s gonna be famous. We also saw a bunch of guys who had a band setup on their balcony. Cuban Jazz. Fantastic. Wish I could get away with that at home without my neighbours shouting at me.
  • Oh yes, only negative to Greenwich is the high percentage of people living ‘alternative’ lifestyles. This is really a concern because it means that Ryan and I were presumed to be a couple. It even went as far as someone offering us a gay wedding. And yes, we declined, much to our wive’s approval 🙂
  • Central Park. Huge, Humungous, Tremendous. Full of people having a great time; from dads playing ball with their kids to cyclists to runners to Japanese tourists. Wonderful area. Saw a performing group doing some break dancing, very impressive. Also got to play checkers with Ryan at the famous Chess and Checkers conservatory. I beat him, convincingly 🙂
  • Apple Store. Wow. Our local shops are pittance compared to this shrine of beautiful technology. Managed to walk out empty handed. But only because I went in with my Microsoft jacket on.
  • Fao Schwartz toy store. 3 level toy store with almost every conceivable toy under the sun.
  • Pretzel vendor. Not a highlight. Just because it’s big and sold in NYC, doesn’t guarantee that it’s nice. ugh.
  • 5th Avenue. Yes, it’s as snobby as it sounds. Everything from Tiffany and co. to tuxedo weddings. I just felt good about life walking down this street. Bumped into a bunch of fire engines though, so we changed course… will check the news in the morning to see what that was all about.
  • Dinner in Brooklyn. Had it at a French Canadian place a few blocks from our B&B. Absolutely beautiful.

So, 30 hours left in NYC. Gonna sleep for 8 of them, and see what we can fit in tomorrow.

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