SQL PASS – Morning I

So, I’ve just experienced my first morning at SQL PASS. First impressions have been very good. The vibe is very similar to Tech Ed South Africa, about 2,000 people registered, and we’re staying in a hotel just next to the Convention Centre. I’m so glad we’re indoors, it was a chilly walk this morning 🙂

So, key lessons so far:

  1. SQL Server is definitely not a simple departmental DB any more. They demonstrated a rack server live on stage with 192 processors. ridiculous processing power.
  2. Visual Studio 2010 is very cool. Looks good, everything is now a slick Midnight Blue.
    1. Maybe that’ll result in better looking applications as an end result.
    2. Also, it supports Data Tier Applications. This is a project type which supports deployment of databases using a file type called a DACPAC. Looks like a great way to deploy changes from dev to live. Have we really seen the end of the humble SQL Scripts?
  3. Sharepoint 2010 supports publishing of data directly from any document library through ATOM feeds. This is fantastic for PowerPivot, as it is now possible to create full reporting solutions without a database?
      1. Ed Note: Not sure if it’s a good idea… but is an architectural option, and it’s always good to keep your choices open.
  4. SQL Azure is close. New release coming through mid November. It’s getting closer and closer to on-premise SQL, in that you can now issue CREATE DATABASE statements directly from SSMS, instead of provisioning DBs through the browser.
    1. Also possible to synchronise on premise and hosted DBs directly through SSMS. Interesting concept. A bit of a parallel to merge replication, just when you think you know it all, MS introduces another method.
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