Office 2010 RC – Activation Issues

So, I installed Office 2010 RC this morning… Really looking forward to seeing what has changed / become more stable.
When starting Outlook, I then got a message indicating that I needed to Activate the Product. No Problem, I simply clicked ‘Activate over the internet’, and waited for the success message as before…
Two errors:
– Firstly, I got an ‘Unexpected Error has Occured’ message.
Not a very useful message, but it turns out that the power in our server room had gone down, and hence I had no internet connection.
Easily solved, I just popped in next door to Microsoft, hooked up, and tried again.
This is when I ran into error 2.
– When activating over the internet, I got a message indicating that the key I had used had been activated too many times, and I needed to use another key or call the contact centre.
Again, no big deal right. Simply get a key from connect, go to File –> Help, and change the product key (as every MS article indicates you can do)
Well, that link simply isn’t there on my install!
So, to change a product key, I had to go to Add/Remove Programs. Change the Office 2010 install. And then I got the option to change the product key.
Ran through that wizard, and everything is working 100% now.


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