BI Conf 2010 – PowerPivot Management Dashboard

PowerPivot provides a feature in SharePoint Central Admin, where administrators can see the usage history of published PowerPivot workbooks. This PowerPivot Management Dashboard is essentially a custom web part web page that shows a number of views on the current state of the system, including:

  • Infrastructure – Server Health
    • Query Response Times
    • Average CPU Usage
    • Average Memory Usage
    • Activity
    • Performance
  • Workbook Activity – Chart and List
    • This is the killer time based chart showing animated history of workbook activity
  • Data Refresh – Activity and Failures
  • Miscellaneous Reports
    • Essentially a document library that has been exposed through a web part

Generally, this dashboard is quite fixed, both in terms of layout and content.

Elements that cannot currently be updated:

  1. Overall Layout. The “dashboard itself is not written in something like Performance Point, so the layout and content can’t be changed.
  2. The Silverlight Control. Sigh. There are no plans to produce a separate reusable bubble chart control. Bit of a pity, would be great to embed in other dashboards. Maybe next release J

Elements that we can update:

  1. Any of the Excel based workbooks, including the Workbook activity book
    1. These workbooks are in themselves PowerPivot workbooks, which feeds data from the PowerPivot Shared Services Database. (The Usage schema tables)
  2. The Reports document library (bottom right section of the dashboard.)
  3. This is simply a reference to a document library in All Site Content à PowerPivot Management à Instance ID à 1033


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