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PerformancePoint 2007 – MasterPage “Security” Issue

Interesting bug I ran into this morning…
Basically, when opening a PPM 2007 dashboard, I got a standard Sharepoint Permissions denied web page, allowing me to log on as a different user.
Even though I was site admin!!
So, some background…
I’m in the process of configuring PerformancePoint 2007 + MOSS 2007 Enterprise. (yip, I know 2010 is out, but sometimes we need to work on legacy software!!)
I’m setting up multiple sharepoint web applications on a single IIS server, to cater for a Dev and a QA environment.
So, I had deployed the PerformancePointDefault.master to the /_catalogs/masterpage folder, and when testing as the original site admin, everything was ok.
However, when logging in as a different user (who was also a site admin) I got the Sharepoint Permissions Denied error when trying to open a Dashboard page.
So, it turns out that the PerformancePointDefault.master was in a Pending state in the document library (/_catalogs/masterpage). Meaning that the second user couldn’t see the master page, although he was a site admin. Once Approving and checking in the master page… problem resolved.

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SQL PASS: Dashboards in PerformancePoint Services 2010

So, PerformancePoint is slowly but surely growing up into a fully fledged dashboarding environment.

Key new feature that I have seen today is the inclusion of the Sharepoint Connection Framework within PerformancePoint 2010. This basically means that the filters and links between dashboard items are implemented through the Sharepoint glue as apposed to the current custom PerformancePoint 2007 glue.

This opens up a number of new possibilities for filtering dashboards. Including:

  • The ability to automatically tie the current user’s login to the dashboard elements. Meaning that finally dashboards can be “seamlessly” targeted to the current user with no fancy filter logic.
  • Also means that it is possible to link to practically any Sharepoint Web Part as this is a fully supported sharepoint interface.