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New Orleans – Post I

So I’m in New Orleans, Louisiana; attending the Microsoft Business Intelligence conference 2010. It starts officially tomorrow.

This is night #2 that we’ve been in this party city, and I figured that it’s about time I put down some of my initial thoughts about this place.

Firstly, this is definitely the city that you want to attend with some mates. There are simply too many parties going on in the evenings, and you really want to be there (and let’s be honest, no one likes to party alone.) It’s also a good thing to have a wing man to save you when offered things on Bourbon street that you would rather avoid! (Thanks Mark, you legend you!)


Secondly, It’s a city where history and the present are joined at the hip. It’s great to see how the French Quarter has been preserved while the rest of the city has grown into palm lined streets and mega hotels. Oh yeah, loving the palm lined streets, Canal street being a great example (and yes, we walked most of it in a desperate attempt to find a megamall for Mark)


Talking Mega malls takes me to thought number three… New Orleans is not the city you come through too to visit the mega Best Buy / Walmart type stores. (unless you have a car of course, which we don’t for this trip) New Orleans itself is really driven by the French Quarter, and the river attractions. These involve more artie-type shops, where you can get a great massage, tarot card reading, or a nice fridge magnet; but not an ipod… sadly.

So, the first two days have been great so far. We’ve done all sorts of things including:

  1. Eating at the Crescent City Brew House. Hands down the best rib place on planet earth.
  2. Chilling up the Mississippi (did I spell that right??) on the Steamboat Natchez. Seriously like going back in time. Old school thick carpets in the lunch hall, honky jazz band, big steam wheel at the back. Definitely recommended!
  3. Eaten waffles for breakfast. Who says they only need to be pudding!
  4. Watched 12 sports at once. Yip, one of the sports bars here at 12 massive screens going at once. A little ADD, but at least we got to see the French Open Final. (nice one Nadal!)
  5. Drinking a Hurricane at Pat O’Briens. Legendary.
  6. Oh, and registering at the BI Conference, which is why we’re here J

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